The ICPCN is the only international organisation that networks individuals and organisations that work in children’s palliative care.  We share a vision that the total needs of life-threatened or life-limited children should be met to encompass physical, emotional, spiritual and developmental aspects of care.  Our mission is to achieve the best quality of life and care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions, their families and carers worldwide, by raising awareness of children’s palliative care, lobbying for the global development of children’s palliative care services, and sharing expertise, skills and knowledge. We believe that no child with a life-limiting condition should suffer unnecessarily and that palliative care is a professional and compassionate response to a child’s suffering.

The core objectives of the ICPCN are:

  • Information
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Education


The ICPCN provides a comprehensive information service on children’s palliative care which includes an online directory of services. It disseminates up-to-date information via multimedia platforms including a website, a Facebook page and weekly editions of eHospice. It responds promptly to all inquiries related to children’s palliative care.


We promote collaboration between individuals and organisations working in children’s palliative care. We also work together with national and international palliative care organisations in order to integrate children’s palliative care into their programmes and strategic activities.



The ICPCN provides a strong global voice for children’s palliative care through advocacy to influential global, regional and national bodies and decision makers. We identify and support national champions of children’s palliative care and encourage and invite reputable public figures to be ambassadors for the organisation.


The ICPCN offers international learning opportunities through its e-learning courses as well as providing face to face training, workshops and master classes on children’s palliative care. We promote and provide guidance for the integration of education of children’s palliative care into mainstream health education.


The ICPCN Scientific Committee works to grow the children’s palliative care knowledge base through research and through identifying and prioritising specific research areas to support the ICPCN strategy and demonstrate best practice models of care.



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