Calvin’s Story – Children’s Hospice

“I’m so desperate for Calvin to get his independence and try to be a normal boy as much as he can,” reflects Maureen Muteesa from London, the mother of 8 year old Calvin who is living with a serious illness.

Calvin’s Story demonstrates the enormous positive impact that children’s hospice can have on the lives of children living with serious illnesses and their families.

Children’s Hospice

“Calvin was born premature.  He had complex medical needs and he had a life limiting illness, which is called pulmonary hypertension,” explains Maureen.

“When I had Calvin I had nobody to help me,” reflects Maureen.

“Calvin accessed our services in 2007”, explains Shahina Haque, Family Support Service Manager at Richard House Children’s Hospice.

“At first I didn’t even know Richard House existed to help you with you child on top of what you’re doing,” recalls Maureen.

“We provide a holistic care service,” continue Shahina.  “So in terms of medical care Calvin has lots of consultants that we work alongside with… which then enables us to help Calvin and his mum when he comes in for respite.  So he gets the medical aspect but he gets to feel like he’s a child who’s come for a holiday.”

“He’s my life and I just have to continue to be there for him,” concludes Maureen.

Please consider supporting children’s hospice in the UK.


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