High Praise for Little Stars

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 10/10

25 September 2015

“Very well done! As a physician, I see a big need for pediatric palliative medicine in the American health care system. This documentary provides an effective mechanism to educate families of patients and all health care providers about palliative care for children. The film highlights the lives of individuals ranging from infants to young adults, with both rare and common conditions, in both developed and developing countries. The film also interviews individuals who provide palliative care for their patients and see first hand the benefits of their care. Despite difficult topics, this film is uplifting and inspiring. I plan to host of screening of it for nurses and physicians in my hospital, and I encourage others to do the same. Little Stars raises awareness about the desperately needed, yet under appreciated, field of pediatric palliative medicine.”

– Erin Springer from United States

Brilliantly moving and inspiring

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 10/10

4 September 2015

“Hats off to the makers of this film, an absolutely beautiful piece documenting the lives of precious children and their families with life limiting illnesses. Love, laughter, compassion, tears and emotion fill this movie. A powerful production offering the viewer a holistic view into paediatric palliative care and the importance this approach has on the children, their families and carers. So blessed to have been able to see the presentation of this film at the 13th Australian Palliative Care Conference in Melbourne today. Applause and admiration for ALL involved with this project. A special thank you to Marmaduke’s father for personally sharing his thoughts and experiences with us.”

– Erica Johnstone from Melbourne Australia

Many have cried, laughed and felt inspired to fundraise

“Staff love Calvin’s film and show it at every opportunity, for example at schools, at our 15 year anniversary event and to corporate supporters:  I have shown this to nearly every corporate supporter who has come to Richard House recently. The feedback to say the least has been amazing. Many have cried, laughed and felt inspired to fundraise.”

– Jane Easton, Richard House, London, UK

So extraordinary

“I want to inform You that, today, I have received Your DVD.  And, I thank You so much, so much. What You have created is so extraordinary, so extraordinary, because Your Precious Work wants to give a great Value to every Sign, Gesture, Moment, Event, Second of Life. And, it’s just from these Little Stars that Every Man should and could  learn what-and-how Every Child Can Teach, Can Teach to Every Man to become Children in order to feel deeply their needs and share them. Sharing their needs means not only being before Them, but and above all Being-Them.”

– Luisella Magnani from Rome, Italy

Compulsory Viewing

4 February 2015 (World Cancer Day)

“The Little Stars project shows children all over the world at their most vulnerable. Regardless of where they are, the thing that shines through in these films is the unconditional love children give and receive.

The films are not overly emotional in portrayal. They highlight the incredible strength of families and the way they turn adversity into a richly rewarding experience.

They also show by documenting the level of palliative care services in other parts of the world how lucky we in Australia are. While there may never be sufficient resources to cater fully for the burden that sick children, their families and carers bear, we are lucky to have a service system that responds to their needs more often than not.

Talking to those involved in paediatric palliative care reveals the depth of commitment, the unwavering passion that a comparative few dedicate to young people from all walks of life, in all parts of our huge country.

Paediatric palliative care teams and paediatric hospices are the visible proof of that commitment, but there are many others whose work goes largely unheralded in rural and remote Australia. The astonishing thing is the massive areas so many paediatric practitioner teams cover with only a few people. Readily available figures show there are many more Australians – adults and children – who would benefit from access to palliative care. It is the role of organisations such as Palliative Care Australia to highlight these issues to government, and a project such as Little Stars goes some way in doing this.

The Little Stars films should be compulsory viewing for all involved in health services. Children are our future and they deserve the best care – in health and in sickness.”

– Liz Callaghan from Palliative Care Australia

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