We have spent an amazing week in Padova, Italy. Our hosts The Maruzza Foundation and Hospice Pediatrico Casa del Bambino were fantastic and enabled us to film with some incredible children and their families who are receiving support from the palliative care team at the hospice.

The work being done by the team at Casa del Bambino is exemplary. Currently it is the only paediatric hospice in Italy.


Matteo is an energetic seven year old.   An extraordinary family who took him on despite his life threatening illness, fostered him from infancy. Matteo suffers from a rare condition that causes his body to forget to breath, he has a tracheostomy and he recently had a pace maker inserted. Matteo is a delight to be around. He loves his siblings and life at his home on a farm.


Sara has SMA Type O which has left her completely immobile, she is cared for by her family. She is able to speak in a way her parents can clearly understand and also type using eye movements to activate a keyboard to communicate with others. Despite her challenges, Sara is part of a church youth group that she attends twice a week and has made some good friends there.


Andrea has SMA Type 2, he has good control of his drawing hand and an incredible talent for drawing. Andrea is a teenager and enjoys spending time with his friends who visit regularly. Andrea is cared for at home primarily by his father. He hopes to be a graphic designer and from what we witnessed he certainly has the talent.

We’ll be sharing much more of these stories with you in the coming months.


Little Stars is a series of films about the surprisingly life-affirming stories of children around the world living with life-shortening illnesses.  Against the odds, these very special kids are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their families, in harmony with passionate ‘pain and palliative care’ teams.

Children’s palliative care is a response to the suffering of a child and their family facing life-threatening conditions.  It’s holistic, looking at the body, mind and spirit within the social and cultural context.  It cares for the child from the time of diagnosis until death, and after death it does bereavement support for the family.

Regrettably, not all conditions, including childhood cancer and HIV, can be cured. However, many children with life-limiting conditions will live for years, if not decades. Currently, 20 Million children around the world can benefit from palliative care, but access to services remains an issue. Children are particularly at risk of inadequate pain management due to age related factors, limited access to essential medicines and misconceptions about how to effectively treat their pain.  These vulnerable children and families are suffering. They are largely invisible. But for those who are receiving care, the results are extraordinary.

These remarkable stories of young people finding peace, love and joy in the face of the inevitable, challenges many preconceived notions surrounding the ‘d-word’ and powerfully demonstrates the transformative effect that good-services, well-delivered can have on families facing an unimaginable dilemma.

Life is short, value every moment.

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