Romance & Rare Disease – Alexandra’s Story

Filmed in Athens, Greece, the ‘Alexandra’s Story- Romance & Rare Disease’  short film is part of the Little Stars film series and we are grateful to all those who supported the crowdfunding campaign to make filming this story possible.

“Alexandra is, first of all, is a strong willed child.” Stavros, Alexandra’s father tells us.

Xanthi, Alexandra’s mother tells us “Alexandra is a tough child, she has a lot of strength and does not want to show it. She also has several sensitivities, she tends to make fun of whatever happens and see its comic side”

“Despite her problems she enjoys doing things. This gives us pleasure and we try as much as we can, to encourage it.” Stavros tells us.

Stavros “The truth is that “we” reached the present condition, very gradually. This was helpful to our adjustment. It was something that began when she was 2 years old, and deteriorated when she was about 10 or 11. She is 17 now. It was easier to adjust to the situation. It wasn’t abrupt or unfamiliar.

For us this has had its importance. It is also a matter of personality, mainly Alexandra’s, who actually gives us the courage and the motivation to do all that we do.”

You can watch the Greek version of this film here

Please consider supporting the important work of Merimna by making a donation at Your donation will help them to continue providing support to children like Alexandra and her family.

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