Yes, it has been 20 years since we founded MERIMNA, our Greek non profit organization for the care of children and families who encounter serious illness and death experiences. During these years we have made a social contribution that no other organization offers in Greece, and includes:

  • The provision of bereavement support and pediatric palliative care services
  • To more than 50,000 children
  • The organization of 5 panhellenic conferences and 331 workshops and seminars all over Greece, and the training of 325 health care professionals and educators through annual programs. 

We were able to accomplish all of these activities with the dedicated participation of MERIMNA’s staff, the voluntary services of the association “FRIENDS of MERIMNA”, the donations of different sponsors, foundations, and businesses as well as private citizens who all value the significance of our work.

Even though the last few years have been especially challenging because of the Greek economic crisis, we have managed with sound planning, to continue in our quest to provide quality services at no cost. Unfortunately, our current financial situation has seriously worsened, and we have ”reached the end of our rope”, so to speak. This situation is forcing us to drastically reduce our services, and to even consider closing some of the programs which are currently offered by MERIMNA.

For this reason we appeal to you. Some of you may have heard about MERIMNA, and a few may know our work very well. We ask for your assistance and support to help us continue the work of MERIMNA, which during this time of intense economic difficulty, has increased in requests for our services.

In a few words, we are asking for your aid and sponsorship! We have included 20+1 ideas – with the belief that you will find at least some of them appealing. Your contribution, in whatever form, is extremely important to us and even more so to the children and their families who will continue to receive the unique services that MERIMNA offers.

20 + 1 ideas to support the work of Merimna

We ask that you, independently or together with your family, friends and co-workers, support MERIMNA through one or more of the following ideas:

Financial support

1. A monthly donation to MERIMNA (min. amount 5€ , that is 60 €/year)
2. One day of pediatric palliative home care services for a seriously ill child (40 €)
3. A week’s supplies for the palliative home care of a seriously ill child (150 €)
4. One child’s or adolescent’s participation in a 10-session bereavement support group (300 €)
5. One parents’ participation in a 10-session bereavement support group (300 €)
6. The intervention of a psychologist at a school community after the death of a student or teacher (350 €)
7. The monthly cost to operate the National Telephone Help-line for parents and professionals all over Greece (1250 €)
8. Make a donation in memory of a beloved person
9. Subscribe to “FRIENDS OF MERIMNA” as a sponsor or offer a gift of a membership to friends, relatives, colleagues (annual cost 50 € for individuals and 150 € for companies)
10. Contribute to the functional expenses of MERIMNA (office supplies, print-outs,gasoline coupons, etc.)
11. Organize a birthday or a meal for friends with a donation “instead of a gift”.
12. Subsidize the expenses of MERIMNA’s annual events (such as “Memory Day” for bereaved families, “Children’s Christmas Party”) 100 €
13. Make an online donation for MERIMNA’s 20th birthday on 21st March 2015!

Support through the donation of goods and services

14. Make MERIMNA’s mission and work well known among professionals, companies and organisations that can be potential sponsors
15. Donate useful goods (such as paper, printing inks, pens)
16. Donate lottery prizes in MERIMNA’s yearly lottery (such as theatre tickets, hotel or travel coupons, etc.)
17. Act as an intermediary with well-known personalities and artists with the goal of organizing a charitable event that would benefit MERIMNA

Volunteer work

18. Volunteer your services at the annual events of “FRIENDS OF MERIMNA” ( i.e. Bazaar, picnic etc)
19. Organize a fund raising event to support MERIMNA (such as a lottery, a local Garage Sale, a sport game)
20. Spread the word about the work of MERIMNA, and FRIENDS OF MERIMNA by sharing this page with your friends or by clicking “Like” on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same.

These are 20 ideas!

The 21st idea is to continue to remember and support MERIMNA in 2016!

Bank account details:
Αlpha Bank SA, Patriarchou Ioakim 2, 10674 Athens, Greece
ΙΒΑΝ: GR 2601 40 1150 1150 02 002 017657
Beneficiary: MERIMNA
Visit our website:

Please advise us of your support in one of the following ways:
E-mail: Fax: +30 210 6452338
By phone: +30 210 6463367 (Ms. Kallia Armaganidou or Ms. Eleni Kotrozou)
By post: Papanikoli 2A, Sidera Chalandriou, 15232, Athens, Greece


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